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Publié le : 22/01/2018

Reference documents

CEPRI has implemented legal statues whose purpose, in addition to maintaining the association’s raison d’être, is to structure and guide its governance: when disagreements or conflicts arise, we refer to these documents. The statutes (which are supplemented by a set of internal rules) were signed by the founding members of CEPRI and filed at the prefecture.

> Download CEPRI’s legal statutes

We also invite you to browse our yearly agendas and our annual reports. The annual reports provide information concerning the past year’s events and touch upon a variety of subjects such as the association’s advancement (particularly in human resources), the initiatives CEPRI undertook, the financial report, or the calendar of special events we organized.


Early Agenda (french version)


>Download CEPRI’s 2010 Yearly Agenda

> Download CEPRI’s 2011 Yearly Agenda

>Download CEPRI’s 2012 Yearly Agenda

>Download CEPRI’s 2013 Yearly Agenda

>Download CEPRI’s 2014 Yearly Agenda

>Download CEPRI’s 2015 Yearly Agenda

>Download CEPRI’s 2016 Yearly Agenda

>Download CEPRI’s 2017 Yearly Agenda

>Download CEPRI’s 2018 Yearly Agenda


Annual report (english version)


>Download CEPRI’s 2007 Annual Report

>Download CEPRI’s 2008 Annual Report

>Download CEPRI’s 2009 Annual Report

>Download CEPRI’s 2010 Annual Report

>Download CEPRI’s 2011 Annual Report

>Download CEPRI’s 2012 Annual Report

>Download CEPRI’s 2013 Annual Report

>Download CEPRI’s 2014 Annual Report

>Download CEPRI’s 2015 Annual Report

>Download CEPRI’s 2016 Annual Report