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Publié le : 23/05/2022

CEPRI Members

Our members come from all over the country. Among them are :

National associations including

The Assembly of the Departments of France (ADF)
The French Mayor’s Association (AMF)
The French Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (AFCCRE)
The French Local Government Engineers Association (AITF)
The National Federation of Licensor Municipalities and Government-Controlled Organisms (FNCCR)

Local authorities, trade unions or local government public establishments: departments, regions, conurbations, greater urban areas, municipalities, local basin management units, river trade unions

The Natural Disaster Task Force (MRN), common to the French Federation of Insurance Companies and to the French Mutual Insurance Companies Association


CEPRI offers common objectives agreements to a number of partners who are looking to make headway on a particular issue.



According to its statutes, CEPRI coordinates and leads all efforts towards thinking of ways to improve local authorities’ response to reducing the risk of floods. Our work ranges from brainstorming ways to enhance knowledge of certain techniques or procedures, to network coordination, to advocating on behalf of local governments that belong to our organization.

Under the supervision of our Board of Directors and our general assembly, we decide which projects we choose to undertake. These projects are all the more relevant to our partners precisely because they allow us to correct implementation errors or fill knowledge gaps. CEPRI first identifies the issue and then the project is validated by the field representatives to the Board of Directors as well as by CEPRI’s general assembly. We then ask local authorities participate in the development of innovative approaches alongside other partners.

Our collaboration is marked by the signing of a contract, or a common objectives agreement, which is valid through the completion of the project. In order to guarantee maximal visibility of our service to local authorities, CEPRI gives priority to contracts that span several years.