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Publié le : 05/10/2022

Our Governance

Board of Directors

CEPRI is governed by a Board of Directors, whose number of members is determined by the general assembly and ranges from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 15. The members of the Board of Directors are elected by a secret ballot by the general assembly for a 3-year term. Every year, a third of the board is up for re-election and there are no term limits.


President: The French Mayor’s Association
Representative: Marie-France Beaufils
Alternate representative: 


1st Vicer President : Entente Oise Aisne
Representative: Gérard Seimbille
Alternate representative: Morgan Touboul


2nd Vicer President : The Loiret General Council

Representative: Gérard Malbo
Alternate representative: Michel Lechauve


Treasurer: SYAGE
Representative: Romain Colas 
Alternate representative: Alain Chambard


Secretary General : The city of Orléans
Representative: Frédéric Rose
Alternate representative: Laurent Blanluet


Our team



Valérie Griffon
Personal assistant

Valérie Griffon, who holds a degree in administrative assistance, joined CEPRI in November 2010. She is an essential intermediary, taking charge of making sure the organization runs smoothly and that are projects are carried out professionally and efficiently. She is extremely helpful in her role as a participant in the general committee that oversees the life of the organization, in managing the organization’s budget, and in forging deals with our various partners. Finally, she assists in running our external communication initiatives.

Tel : 33 238 21 15 22
Mail : valerie.griffon@cepri.net


Johan Lamoussière
Project manager

Holder of a Master 2 in Urbanism and a Master 2 in Sociology obtained at Strasbourg’s university, he also studied psychology. His professional experiences led him to work both in public (local authorities)  and private sector (town planning office). These different approaches  improved his vision of local development , crossing juridical and multi thematic stakes in urbanism. He joined the CEPRI team in 2021 in order to assist local actors in their territorial projects in articulation with sustainable development  and flood risk, especially through urban planning.

Tel : 33 238 21 15 27

Mail : johan.lamoussiere@cepri.net



Léa Tricoire
Project manager

Graduated from a Master 2 in Geography and Environment from Lettres Sorbonne University (Paris), she worked in the field of reinsurance of natural disasters and within a local authority before participating in the realization of diagnoses of vulnerability to floods , within a design office. She joined the CEPRI team in early December 2021 to focus on reducing the vulnerability of territories to the risk of flooding. She also deals with runoff risk management issues as well as the link between agricultural activities and flood risk.

Tel : 33 238 21 15 34

Mail : lea.tricoire@cepri.net



Maud Laurin
Project manager

Graduated with a professional Master's degree specializing in the Management of Natural Risks, she then specialized in the prevention of flood risks. Responsible for the exploitation of data relating to risk management in order to establish ERNMT (State of Natural, Mining or Technological Risks), she then accompanied local authorities in their approach to reducing the vulnerability of buildings and in the area of ​​public awareness of the risk of flooding. She has just joined the CEPRI team in 2022 to take charge of the organization and supply of the PAPI platform as well as the animation of the PAPI network.

Tel : 33 238 21 15 37

Mail : maud.laurin@cepri.net




Currently in Master 1 "Urbanism and Development", Virgile is doing an internship within the CEPRI in parallel with a research dissertation on coastal risk management. His internship consists of identifying "good practices" in the development of coastal areas in order to produce resource sheets for elected officials and local authorities.




Currently in Master 2 of international and European environmental law, she is doing an internship within the CEPRI, whose mission is to produce benchmarks on several topics related to flood risk management in different Member States of the Union. European. In particular, it produces a benchmark on the consideration of climate change in several flood risk management plans drawn up by the Member States following the flood directive.



Committee of experts


CEPRI is a French national association of local authorities created in December 2006 to promote a new approach to flood risk prevention. Its functioning is ensured by a multidisciplinary team and thanks to the contributions of a committee of experts with multiple profiles (lawyer, geographer, economist, architect, urban planner, forecaster, hydraulician, psycho-sociologist ...).